Sentient Jet

Inventor of the fastest-growing jet card

When we purchased Sentient, we unleashed a team that’s very passionate about aviation. They have the right product at the right time for what the market wants.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation

Sentient Jet - Couple Flying.

Founded in 1999, the Sentient Jet business model revolutionized the private aviation industry. Today, the company offers the most sensible, intelligent choice in private aviation, delivering superior value and comprehensive products to over 4,000 Cardholders. Building upon an innovative business model, Sentient created the industry’s first private jet card, which provides Cardholders the value and flexibility of purchasing their private jet travel in hourly increments, while paying only for the hours they fly. Often 20% less than other jet cards, the Sentient Jet Card offers all-inclusive pricing with rates and fuel locked-in for 12 months. The company was also the first to establish an Independent Safety Advisory Board. Sentient Jet is proud to be the Official Private Jet Partner of Andrew Harper®, Aspen/Snowmass®, Breeders’ Cup® and YPO.

I’ve looked at many aviation companies and none of them has the safety infrastructure of Sentient. They figured out how to elevate safety and service in working with a diverse group of operators. When we purchased Sentient, my job wasn’t to create a culture of passion but to protect and inspire the culture that already existed. Today, Sentient is our fastest-growing company.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation

Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins, President & CEO, Sentient Jet

Being part of Directional means I can call Kenn or Mike and discuss anything in regard to our business and have an engaged, participative and excited group of individuals who have a deep bench of knowledge, which is critical to our success.

Sentient is without a doubt, the only effective aggregator of a very broad range of charter that’s available. We figured out how to put safety and service in the middle of aggregating all these diverse operators, which is something that distinguishes us in the industry. We have the right product at the right time for what the market wants, and a very talented management team. That will help us become one of the largest private aviation companies in the world, and the leader in jet cards.

— Andrew Collins, President & CEO, Sentient Jet

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