N1 Engines

Optimizing turbine performance worldwide

N1 has tremendous expertise in how to break down engines, source parts and put them back together.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation


N1 delivers the highest-quality turbine parts to help customers maximize efficiency and streamline costs. A trusted source for turbine engines, engine parts, consignments and collaboration for more than 20 years, N1 has a passion for excellence in every aspect of its products and services, from acquisition to resource management to delivery.

We purchased N1 to manage the aircraft engines within our various fleets. They’re expanding their technical services to include engines throughout our fleet. Once they’ve established that technical expertise, they’ll be able to market that expertise to third parties.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation

Bill Metera

Bill Metera, President, N1

We’re thrilled to be part of the Directional family. It gives us latitude to do things we could never do on our own. Our top priority is to increase reliability, increase safety, manage engines proactively and be the engines expert. The most satisfying thing for us is when people say their fleets are in superior shape because of us.

— Bill Metera, President, N1

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