Sojourn Aviation

Unmatched expertise and technology in global aircraft sales

Sojourn knows the market like no one else. Its unique competitive advantage is the proprietary software the company developed based on actual aircraft transactions.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation


Sojourn Aviation is an independent, global aircraft sales company providing consulting and financing assistance services for acquisition, brokerage, management and the sale of business aircraft. With extensive knowledge of every step of the aircraft purchase process, Sojourn Aviation represents buyers and sellers of pre-owned and new aircraft, managing every detail of their aviation needs before and after the purchase.

Technology is what has set the company apart in the industry. Sojourn Aviation created a proprietary software solution that enables its team to track and predict sales and purchase activity in the private aviation market. The company uses that critical insight in advising its customers on selling and buying at the appropriate time and price.

The Sojourn team has unmatched expertise in the market, and along with the proprietary software, they serve customers like no one else. The company has grown because customers are confident in the validity of the data and trusted guidance they provide.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation

Ed McDonald, [title], Sojourn Aviation
Ed McDonald, Sojourn Aviation

Directional looked at the aircraft market and saw an opportunity for a different type of a brokerage company. Sojourn provides our customers with a unique service that includes our Aircraft Comparator software that, at a glance, informs them about the market and what’s out there. We have a great future at Sojourn. I see us reaching the very top of the brokerage market worldwide.

— Ed McDonald, Sojourn Aviation

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